• Leading-edge technology

  • Spiral oil path plate

  • Temperature uniformity is the key factor of drying quality. Conventional series design cannot avoid heat loss (normally±2~3℃)
    but our patented spiral design minimizes heat loss while gives uniformity less than ±1℃,
    brings best drying quality as well as cost saving by minimal energy loss.


  • Black box

  • Blackbox helps user and manager for prompt diagnosis on any sign of malfunction during operation
    by integrated technology of IOT(Internet of things) and ICT(Information and Communications Technologies).

  • ◈ IoT remote monitoring service
    Internet of things technology. 24/7 monitoring service by
    manufacturer’s server as well as user’s smart phone.
    Real time diagnosis and data keeping.

    ◈Proactive service
    Process data can be monitored all the time by smart phone
    application. Any incident shall be reported to authorized
    manager and service action can be instructed without
    visiting installation site.
    *App. OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread or latter), IOS 9.2 or latter.

    ◈Command room data monitoring
    - Temperature: Sample, Shelves, Condenser, Refrigeration system
    - Pressure: Vacuum, Chamber
    - Alarms: Sensor failure, Condenser overheat, Over current, Oil

    circulation failure, Motor overheat, Heater malfunction,

    Condenser temperature error, Vacuum failure, Heat

    media circulation problem.

    - General data: Process status including pre-freezing, Vacuum

    status, 1st or 2nd drying process.

  • Plant scale

  • Control system

  • User friendly interface and 10”TFT touch screen provide convenient control and monitoring.
    Also all events during process are recorded and recipe set up function allows
    easy processing with various conditions and materials.

  • Main
    Selection between Auto and Manual
    mode. Alarms, Lamp, Temperature
    set up are displayed. Entire process
    time, shelf temperature, cold trap
    temperature, vacuum level is
    monitored. The whole progress is
    visually monitored.

  • Progress
    Current status must be monitored.
    Any event must be recorded and
    reported. Program status is

  • Setting
    User can set up its own recipe step
    by step with each parameter along
    with duration of time. Programs can
    be saved so each recipe can be
    chosen by user anytime.

  • IO test
    Each compartment of equipment is
    tested by sending electric signal for
    monitoring the pro-cess and
  • Control function
    - Operation status can be monitored by PC through RS/232(485) communication


    - Data management by USB (Touch optional) Drying time record is stored.

    Vacuum pump usage time is recorded for timely maintenance.

    - Parameter unit is convertible for user's convenience. (℃ ← → ℉, mTorr ← → mBar)
    - Line voltage is displayed for protection of machine. (Low/high voltage)

  • LYOPH-PRIDE Software

  • LP Master

  • Why LP MASTER!
    Stability and credibility are first priority for biological and pharmaceutical application of freeze drying. Therefore precise and reliable control and monitoring are very critical for successful freeze drying process and such precise monitoring software must be required. Our authentic monitoring/control software is designed to comply with FDA guideline with flexibility to meet various changes. It also gives abundant libraries to meet satisfactory compliance for user’s various requirements.

  • Software Library
    ·Process monitoring: Comprehensive data supply through entire drying process allows

    you to have optimal condition and best recipe.

    ·Recipe management: Automatic operation is available by selection of saved recipe

    that can be expanded further.

    ·Audit Trail: All data from system is traced and monitored.
    ·User Access: Only authorized user can manage operation, control and monitoring by

    security library access.

  • ·SCADA System: Choice of data management and record nagement period are


    ·Vacuum Integrity Test Library: Test on vacuum of chamber before drying process. ·Trend: Graphic data management of accumulated real time data

    (drying / SIP / CIP - Conductive)

    ·21 CFR Part 11 compliance

  • Convenient anytime, anywhere

  • Mobile application

  • Designated application is available for real time monitoring of process history, status and events regardless of user’s location.
    It is fantastic experience and convenience with aesthetic user interface.

  • Quick and easy

  • Defrosting system

  • Removal of condensed ice is necessary for continuous operation and for protection from contamination.
    Condenser foams round type ice below at -80℃ and makes ice removed at once.
    PTFE coating is standard feature for protection from contamination or corrosion
    by acid and other chemical substances.

  • [Optional 1] Minimizing external air exposure

  • Automatic pizza door

  • Automatic pizza door minimizes the exposure to external atmosphere during loading/unloading.
    Less chance of contamination and less energy consumption.

  • [Optional 2] Automatic sealing system

  • Stoppering system

  • Sealing is completed under vacuum condition (0.3mBar) automatically.
    - Stoppering devices are hydraulic cylinder and bellows type (anti-contamination)
    - Hydraulic pressure: 70~110kgf/㎠

  • [Optional 3] Steam sterilization system

  • SIP(Sterilization In Place) system

  • Steam from PSG(Pure Steam Generation) sterilizes inside of chamber.
    (Sterilizing temperature is 122℃ with more than 20 minutes, Air pocket exhaust is executed
    more than 3 times and initial exhaustion is completed within an hour)

  • [Patent] [Optional 4] Automatic washing system

  • CIP(Clean In Place) system

  • Patented system of automatic revolution nozzles cleans inside of drying chamber by high pressure
    RO water with no dead space and minimal consumption of water to lower the maintenance cost.

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Plant scale FREEZE DRYER