• Leading-edge technology

  • Spiral oil path plate

  • Temperature uniformity is the key factor of drying quality. Conventional series design cannot avoid heat loss (normally±2~3℃)
    but our patented spiral design minimizes heat loss while gives uniformity less than ±1℃,
    brings best drying quality as well as cost saving by minimal energy loss.

  • Quick and easy

  • Defrosting system

  • Removal of condensed ice is necessary for continuous operation and for protection from contamination.
    Condenser foams round type ice below at -80℃ and makes ice removed at once.
    PTFE coating is standard feature for protection from contamination or corrosion by acid and other chemical substances.



  • Blackbox helps user and manager for prompt diagnosis on any sign of malfunction during operation
    by integrated technology of IOT(Internet of things) and ICT(Information and Communications Technologies).

  • Convenient anytime, anywhere

  • Mobile application

  • Designated application is available for real time monitoring of process history, status and events regardless of user’s location.
    It is fantastic experience and convenience with aesthetic user interface.

  • [Optional 1] Automatic sealing system

  • Stoppering system

  • Sealing is completed under vacuum condition (0.3mBar) automatically.
    - Stoppering devices are hydraulic cylinder and bellows type (anti-contamination)
    - Hydraulic pressure: 70~110kgf/㎠

  • [Optional 2] Steam sterilization system

  • SIP(Sterilization In Place) system

  • Steam from PSG(Pure Steam Generation) sterilizes inside of chamber.
    (Sterilizing temperature is 122℃ with more than 20 minutes, Air pocket exhaust is executed
    more than 3 times and initial exhaustion is completed within an hour)

  • [Patent] [Optional 3] Automatic washing system

  • CIP(Clean In Place) system

  • Patented system of automatic revolution nozzles cleans inside of drying chamber by high pressure
    RO water with no dead space and minimal consumption of water to lower the maintenance cost.

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Pilot scale FREEZE DRYER