Plant scale -85 / -120℃

Lyoph-Pride plant type freeze dryer is order made cutting edge products, coming from combination of
limitless investment and R&D efforts since 1988. It offers comprehensive directions for both bio-plant models
for bio/food industry and pharmaceutical plant models for aseptic drugs and life science industry.
  • For both better productivity and economic feasibility at same time

  • Automatic loading/Unloading system

  • Auto loading/unloading system does not require human resource during process of pharmaceutical freeze drying with
    protection from any chance of contamination, better productivity and economic output by row by row structure.

  • Optimized for maintenance and space utilization

  • Row by row method

  • Comparing to AGV method, row by row type requires less space. Convenient maintenance
    and economical management bring more bene-fit to customers.

  • Minimizing external air exposure

  • Automatic Pizza Door

  • Automatic pizza door minimizes the exposure to external atmosphere during loading/unloading.
    Less chance of contamination and less energy consumption.

  • Transport the vial safely

  • Loading/Unloading device

  • Loading device lines up vials from conveyor belt and delivers through bridge by cylinder,
    Unloading device brings vials back to conveyor belt by cylinder.

  • Precise movement and counting

  • Vials positioner/Counter device

  • Specially designed vial location controller and positioner with photo optical sensor.
    Precision control is guaranteed with 0% counter error rate.

  • For flawless production

  • Buffering device/Flexible liner

  • Buffer device provides enough space for vials in order to maintain optimal flow of production
    process without chance of congestion or over filling.
    Flexible liner provides flexibility on vial transportation: from 2ml to 100ml.

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