• Through our continuous Technology Development
  • Our company have poured all capacity in developing R&D of Physical and Chemical Appliance Sector that can be core of Life-science and Bio-industry.

    As a result of those efforts, we have been appointed as a prior one bidder for 'Execution plan for formation of Small & Medium Enterprise Foundation'by Small & medium Business Corporation from the company's inception just within a year period . sice then, we have been developed as a model of substantial corporate management company that has resulted for us to be well recognized with its reputation for excellence through various important recognition at home and abroad; "EM (Excellent Machine)" Mark for Freeze Dryer, ULT Freezers,

    Appointment as a promising small & medium enterprise, Excellent Quality Certified products Award, Approval on Energy-saving Technology Development Project(Pharmaceutical PVTFD), Various Patent Application, Venture Enterprise Confirmation, Certificate as a promising small & medium enterprise by Gyeonggi Province, ISO9001:2000(KA 9001:2001) -EQAICC, and "CE" Mark for all EUropean Markets.

    Those successful results could be possible that we have invested all capacity of company into technology development without being attached for profit with short term aptitude in order to achieve ultimate target that is local business? strengthening competitiveness and enhancing productivity in industry spot. The main reason how we could be in the gront-runner in Physical and Chemical Appliance Sector at present is justly those research and development efforts original technology in the out. Also we will continuously guide markets at home and abroad by initiating.

    "21st century ULT-freezing & Freeze-drying technology"in future and through the best marketing activities as well as right market analysis system.

    R&D Chief

    Jae-Yong, Kim

  • We have taken part in Governmental various Research and Development Assistance Projects and concentrated on research and development work. Our various Assistance Projects have played de finite role in technical development and made us overcome technological limit as unified corporation through execution of joint research work with famous institutions and universities in Korea while progressing technology development work. Following is the progressing technology development work or research and development performances that have been successfully done by our company;

2009 10 Development of control system by freeze dryer simens PLC for pharmaceutical
08 Developed small freezer (70L)
07 Completion of development of cryogenic freezer electronic recorder
2008 12 Development of Quick Freezer
11 Development of atomizing PVTFD for breathing-type powder medical supplies production
2007 08 Development of industrial PVTFD for Pharmaceutical Purpose
2006 06 Development of Technology in producing phytoestrogen by using soybean food by-products and Minute capsulation Technology
02 Products Improvement through Inner Door Hinge Molding
02 Development of working-jig for Spiral Oil Path Plate
01 Development of Emergency Calling Program
2005 11 Development of Door Locking Device
11 Development of PCB for ULT Freezers
10 Improvement of Freeze Dryer Design and development of mechnical room to be made in unit
07 Development of Industrial PVTFD for Food Industry
06 Development of Circular type recorder
06 Development of New Gear Box for Ice Maker
05 Development of Sealing Device for Vacuum Chamber of Freeze Dryer
02 Development of Drum type Cold Trap
02 Development of HDPE Shelf for ULT Freezers
2004 12 Development of ULT Freezers by Unitary Refrigeration System
08 Development of Mass-production of Product Heater
07 Development of Thermo-heating process for preventing ice-forming on door part of ULT Freezers
07 Development of Standardization Process to infuse refrigerants for ULT Freezers
07 Development of New Shaker
06 Development of PLC Control System for Freeze Dryer
05 Development of Vacuum Adjustment Device for Freeze Dryer
04 Development of Molding for Flask type Holder
2002 12 Development of Face-lift ULT Freezers to be equipped with improvement of Urethane Insulation and Gasket shape
03 Development of New Ice Maker
2001 11 Development of Automatic Analysis Device & Program for maximum ice-forming spots
09 Develpoment of New Design for Freeze Dryer
2000 09 Development of Pressure Adjustment Valve for ULT Freezers
07 Development of PVTFD for Pharmaceutical Industry
03 Development of Multi Refrigeration System with cold/warm water & ice making functions

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