• I sincerely thank you for your trust and interest in ilShinBioBase
  • ilShinBioBase has grown up with our ultimate goal to realize customer's satisfaction since its establishment in 1988. ilShinBioBase has been top leader and pioneer in Korean market in the field of ultra low temperature freezing technology. Now ilShinBioBase is expanding to global market by exporting to over 100 countries around the world. Under active investment in R&D for innovation, we are introducing cutting edge technology of COSCOM to provide the safest ULT for bio-depository industry. ilShinBioBase has contributed to human health and life science by innovative technology for essential equipments for R&D and production. Keeping our philosophy of trust and innovation, we will move forward to better future for human beings. On behalf of all ilShinBioBase family members, I promise our commitment with our utmost effort to be one of the best global enterprises.

    ilShinBioBase CEO

    Sung Dae Hong

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